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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts

In this world every moment there are something strange and interesting things going on that we just don't usually know about.

So how many of you like fun facts?! Well you are lucky, we have got 30 of those amazing fun facts which will blow your mind.

Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts

Have you ever wondered how much of fuel a jumbo jet uses? Or who was the pet of Adolf Hitler? And why dinosaur is shown in chrome when the internet is not working?

I have compiled a list of over 30 fun facts—some believable, others unbelievable, and some that are just plain bizarre and you will get answers to all these questions here, and much more with these fun facts.

So get comfortable on your chair – and enjoy this awesome list of the Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts.

1.           Do you know before the invention of the match stick lighter was made? In the 16th century, old pistols were converted into lighters whereas the first modern match stick was made in 1805

Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts

2.           A jumbo jet has so much of fuel that if you use that much of fuel in your car, you can complete 4 rotations of earth.

3.           Cruze liner named as Queen Elizabeth  II is so big that it moves only 6 inches in consumption of 1 gallon of fuel. If you compare it with your bike that how much km your bike run in 1 ltr of fuel.

4.           Most of the dust present in your home consists of your and your family member's dead skin particles.

5.           Using headphones continuously for 1 hour can increase the bacteria count in your ear up to 700 times.

Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts

6.           Snakes are actual non-vegetarians who only eat other animals.

7.           Crocodiles and alligators can run fast on land but they have a problem in taking turns on land. So remember if are followed by anyone of them don't run in forwarding direction always move in zig-zag motion with a lot of turns.

8.           Do you sleep a lot no problem we have one candidate who can break your record and that's a snail because they can sleep for continuously for 3 years?

9.           In America, the number of public libraries are more as compared to Mc Donalds.

Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts

10.      Before the invention of color TV, there is research conducted on persons who watch black and white TV and the result concluded that 70% of them wants to live in black and white life.

11.      Many countries had already banned plastic polybags. Even in our country, many states had taken this step as polybags can harm our environment and promote paper bags. But do you know that overuse of paper bags will also harm our environment as we cut more trees to produce paper?

12.      As we all know that Adolf Hitler is one of the most dangerous and cruel people of the history and that too was his pet, does anyone know that who was his pet? It was an alligator who is still alive. His name is Saturn and the British Govt. gave it to Russia as a gift. His present age is 85 years.

13.      In western culture, during the marriage, there are bride mates along with the bride who are her sister, cousins or friends and they are dressed up the same as the bride this is so because they can confuse the ghosts and spirits about the actual bride.

14.      The first Internet message sent between 2 computers was word LO. It was sent in 1969. The actual word which was about to send was LOGIN but just after 2 alphabets both the computers had crashed. Just think about the advancement of technology.

Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts

15.      In 1859 Thomas Austin had released  24 rabbits in Australia. Now in Australia, there are about 10 billion rabbits.

16.      By any problem or by the act of hackers if the whole internet gets crashed. Then there are 7 key cards on 7 different peoples and just by putting 5 key cards together the whole internet can be rebooted again.

17.      Cats can drink salty water of oceans and they will not even be dehydrated because their kidneys are capable of filtering salt.

Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts

18.      Most expensive credit cards are available in Dubai only as they also, consist of some gold and diamond.

19.      China has a shortage of pilots so if u do the job as a pilot in China then you can earn more than 2.10 crores per year and that too without tax.

20.      We all know KFC for its chicken. But how many of you know that on their 30th anniversary KFC had already made some mobile phones in collaboration with Huawei which were limited edition.

21.      Citizens of Canada can take the retired flag of parliament if they want it and its free for them. As it is highly demanded by the citizens so one has to wait for 99 years to have this flag.

22.      Till the 1980s in Virginia state of America women were not allowed to drive cars. But they could drive only at one condition that if his husband runs before her car holding a red flag.

23.      There is a plant in which more than 1 type of fruits are grown and that's the reason it is called the fruit salad tree.

24.      Does anyone know how t-shirts were invented?? It was made for just unmarried boys as officers of garment industries thought that unmarried men cannot stitch the broken button. So they decided to make a shirt without buttons.

Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts

25.      Till 1830s ketchup was used as a medicine.

26.      When the baby of a swan is born and meets anyone within 10 min then they imagine them as their parents for life long.

27.      According to a study by the journal of transportation, it is found that people riding bicycles are happier as compared to a person traveling by other means of transport.

28.      A lifeguard named Thomas lobez was fired from the job as he saved a person from sinking. But he was fired because the person sinking was not in his allocated area.

Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts

29.      Crackers were invented by Chinese but colorful crackers were invented by Italy using metallic powder. 

30.      Violet Jessop is world's most lucky and unlucky women. Unlucky because she was a nurse on 3 ships Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic and all three ships drowned and lucky because she survived all three times.

31.      In Google Chrome when the internet is not working well a dinosaur is shown on screen. It's actually a game when you press space the game will start.

So guys today I had provided you with a list of Top 30 Most Interesting and Random Fun Facts. I hope you guys liked this article. Which of these amazing fun facts actually shocked you please let us this within the comments section below. Your valuable feedback shall be much appreciated. If you prefer our work please do share it along with your friends and stay tuned for information about such interesting topics and keep reading our articles. Subscribe our blog for getting updates directly in your inbox.

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